Cleveland Bartending School

Professional Bartending School of Cleveland

The Professional Bartending School of Cleveland Heights has been training Greater Cleveland's finest bartenders since 1995. Experienced instructors provide our students personalized, hands on training behind a fully equipped, working bar. Class size is limited to a maximum 8 students per class session to ensure that every student receives individualized attention.

Designed to give our students all the skills necessary to be a successful bartender, the 40-hour course includes customer service and management discussions in addition to product knowledge and drink recipes.

This complete, working knowledge of a bar allows our graduates the flexibility to work in a wide variety of establishments, from the quiet neighborhood bar to the finest dining restaurant. Bar owners and managers enjoy attending this course as well.

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1481 Warrensville Center Road, Suite 1
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121

Bartending Training

Our 40 hour professional mixology course consists of 10, 4-hour lessons. Each lesson is an independent module that can be taken in any order after the first class and orientation. We now offer day, evening and weekend classes to fit any schedule. In addition, we have the option of tailoring a flexible schedule using any combination of day, everning, weekend or special times to fit any student's situation.

The school recognizes that adults have lives and commitments that may prevent them from attending one of our standard schedules. Regardless of your personal situation, if you want to attend our school and will make the effort to get here, we will work out a schedule for you. If you are in need of a special schedule, we will work one out for you during your personal interview with our enrollment director.

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Class Times
Day Classes
Monday - Friday
10:00am to 2:00pm
Two weeks in length
Night Classes
Monday - Thursday
6:00pm to 10:00pm
Two weeks in length
Weekend Classes
Saturday Only
10:00am to 6:00pm
Five weeks in length

Job Placement

Our campus offers local job placement assistance to all of our graduates. Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance. Our Job Placement Director works very hard to help each student find the job that they are looking for. Our schools have achieved a job placement rate of over 90% over the last five years.

Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance. During this placement interview, our placement director will fill out a graduate profile card that helps us keep the graduates wants and needs handy.

Our campus offers online job placement assistance to all of its graduates. During the first personal visit, the graduate is given the username and password to our online job database. This password-protected site may be checked at any time of the day from any computer, at the student's convenience.

Each of our graduates is also eligible to use our nationwide job placement assistance program. We currently have 34 campuses of our own and have contracted with 56 additional campuses to mutually help each other's graduates. With 34 campuses, we are the nation's largest group of independently-owned bartending schools.